Hazel Latoza

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Member Australian Counselling Association

"We are born to be able to be happy in an imperfect world that is endlessly unfolding" - Al Pesso

It took me a long time to fully understand this seemingly simple idea --  that of an imperfect world, our access to happiness within it, and the ever forward journey of becoming who we truly are. 

For me this work is about raising awareness of our deep and rich internal world; blowing life into our history of inner experiences and reconciling the longing for true connection. It is about supporting the integration of so many different parts of us, so that we can move through life with regained vitality as all of who we are and were always meant to be.  

"I recently went through a change of career. The lay-off happened during 2020, in the height of COVID-19 pandemic. The uncertainties and anxiety were giving me lots of self-doubts. ... I was battered and humiliated. My plan at the time was to take a break from working fulltime, which was suffocating given I have always been an ambitious and career minded person.

I was fortunate to have consulted with Hazel right before an unplanned job interview. I didn’t have the capacity to go out there again. In a short consultation, she addressed my pain point in the most nurturing and kind manner.

I had a very successful interview due to the consultation session ... The outcomes of trusting my own intuition have been very rewarding. For the record, I received a full-time employment offer. I am currently working at an awesome firm with a collaborative team that appreciates me just as I am."

T.H. (Oct, 2020)

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